On Site Staff Health Checks

Offering your staff on site employee health checks is a great way to keep your business healthy and identify areas for concern because prevention is always better than cure.

Our experienced, qualified health coaches are fully trained in areas such as physical training, smoking cessation, nutrition, stress management, audiology and can run a series of checks offering advice and signposting where required. 


Choose from the following health checks for your staff;

  • Weight check

  • Body fat percentage (more accurate than Body Mass Index)

  • Blood pressure check

  • Cholesterol blood test

  • Lifestyle questionnaire including stress, sleep, alcohol and nutrition

  • Hearing tests

Employees will also receive information leaflets and sheets to take away. We will also provide the organisation with a post health check report detailing the findings of the health checks although we will not provide personal data relating to individuals to ensure confidentiality.

workplace employee health checks