Healthy Body Healthy Mind

We deliver workshops designed to promote an  awareness of the impact of diet upon mental and physical well being.

Our health specialists can advise you on solutions which will help to nurture a positive healthy environment within the office. We can give you advice on your current practices and how integrating some new practices will have as positive effect on health, mood and general levels of attention and alertness.

  • Increased staff productivity makes them feel more valued

  • Increased focus and concentration

  • Reduces un healthy snacking

  • Is a visible benefit encouraging a healthy work culture

  • Increases corporate image and reputation

corporate nutrition
Juice Bar & Recipes

Juicing is pretty much a guaranteed way to ensure that your employees reach their daily goal of 5 a day.  Juicing will help them to kick start their health and significantly improve energy levels and clarity.  Many people are juicing incorrectly which can actually have a negative effect on the body.  Our juicing therapy workshop gives advice and recipes to help your employees enjoy the wonderful benefits that juicing has to offer.

Nutritional and Healthy Eating Workshops

Our nutritional expert can help you to introduce a healthy foods and drinks options into your canteen and give nutritional advice and recipes to your staff ensuring that they remain healthy and fit for work.

Benefits of Workplace Healthy Eating Programmes