National Stress Awareness Day

Stress in the workplace can have a negative impact on every aspect of an organisation, from absenteeism and attrition rates through to interpersonal relationships.

It’s vital to recognise the signs of stress as early as possible to avoid the more serious stress related illnesses which can crush any organisation. The problem is that because of the stigma of stress the majority of people will not admit to feeling stressed and many Employers do not recognise the signs until it's too late.

Secret Stress A study conducted by insurance group LV of 2000 workers found that the majority of people will hide their stress related problems from co-workers for fear of stigma or appearing weak. 54% said that they were suffering from another illness other than stress. Furthermore 7 out of ten respondents went back to work early because of guilt or worry over what co workers might think and almost one in six continued to work despite their diagnosis of stress!

According to Investors in People the top 3 causes of stress at work are;

Volume of Work (55%)

Non-work factors (38%)

Management Style (31%)

Resilience in your workplace is key to your organisational health.

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