Become a Wellbeing Champion



Target Audience:

  • Managing Directors

  • HR Personnel

  • Managers

  • Team Leaders

  • Designated individuals within an organisation who are tasked

    with the responsibility of supporting mental and physical health & wellbeing of employees.


This programme will strengthen the role of the line manager by giving them a clearer understanding of workplace wellbeing practices.   On completion of this programme you will have the confidence and knowledge to enable you to promote a culture of  wellbeing within the workplace with confidence.  You will also be able to recognise the symptoms of mental ill health and be able to have confident conversations whilst providing help to individuals at risk. Furthermore, you will be able to deliver effective wellbeing strategies which will help to reduce stress levels experienced by employees whilst increasing staff morale, engagement and productivity.

​​Day 1: Mental Health Awareness

What is anxiety & depression? How to spot the signs, Suicide awareness & prevention, How to deal with someone in crisis, Confident conversations using non-judgemental listening skills, Overcoming the stigma of mental ill health


Day 2: Stress Management & Resilience

What is stress? How to identify stress, Biological responses to stress, The mind / body connection, Stress and alcohol, drugs, diet & sleep, 3 main approaches to stress management, Personal stress management planning, Mindfulness & relaxation techniques


Day 3: Wellbeing Promotion Within Your Workplace

Mental ill health in the workplace and the law, Creating working conditions that foster positive mental and physical health, Motivating the team and promoting a culture of participation, The link between management style and wellbeing, Effective wellbeing events and strategies, TRAIN the TRAINER - 60 minute Personal Resilience & Mindfulness Session*

*Our 60 minute Personal Resilience & Mindfulness Sessions have proven to reduce the stress levels of employees by on average 68% - On completion of this programme you will be fully equipped to deliver these sessions.

“Can I just say thank you very much for the session I had this morning.  Adel made me feel so much more ready to take on the day. I came out of the room feeling refreshed.  I would definitely recommend this to other colleagues at Alder Hey, so much so that my line manager has authorised for myself and a colleague to attend the sessions.”

"Very calm soothing voice with clear message approach. After attending this session today with Adel, I would say this should be compulsory across the NHS Trust - to enable all staff's 'well being'."

Wellbeing Champion– 3-day Training Programme