Workshops & Training

Our programmes are designed to increase the awareness of the impact stress, diet, mind-set and physical activity can have upon the individual both at home and at work.

We can deliver in a variety of ways from 'Lunch n Learn' sessions through to stress management and awareness training.  Why not let us help you incorporate a 'Wellness Wednesdays,'  'Motivational Mondays' or a 'Feel Good Fridays' strategy into your workplace?

Our solutions reflect a creative approach and are designed to identify areas of health concern, promote risk awareness, inspire motivation for action, set SMART goals, implement new behaviours and support long-term maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.  We educate and support awareness and behavioural changes in emotional, mental, physical and environmental wellness.

How We Deliver
Individual Programmes - Personal Assessments & Tracking, Wellness Consultation Sessions & Coaching
Group Programmes - On-site 'Lunch n Learns', Workshops & Training, Staff Wellness Days
Awareness Strategies - Health Campaigns with the use of posters, emails and newsletters highlighting the importance of factors such as hydration, nutrition, quality sleep and keeping active etc
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